Friday, June 5, 2009

Infra red heating in the office... efficient, healthy and economic...

INfraR heaters in offices are very efficient, effective and attractive.

Because of the way INfraR heating elements work they are the best choice for heating your office, they provide comfortable warmth and maintain optimal working conditions.

We compared a few characteristics of conventional convection heaters with INfraR infra red heaters.

* Standard wall mounted convectional radiators.
Most offices nowadays are heated with conventional convection heaters that are attached to the walls in the offices. These radiators use a hot body to warm the air around them and this warm air warms up the persons in the room.
With this system there are a few disadvantages: This causes warm & cold spots and what goes up must come down, here it is no different; conventional radiator heating causes air circulation. The hot air that is produced by the radiator raises to the ceiling, where it cools down and then falls down again on the other side of the room. This means that the persons sitting next to the radiator get very hot and anyone that is further away is only touched by cooler or even cold air and therefore hardly feel the benefit.
The heat dries out the air and therefore alters the humidity: Warm air dries and causes the conditions in the room to become uncomfortable. Air that is to dry affects the body, it dries the mouth and skin and causes a feeling of being tired. When people feel tired they lack energy, concentration and an overall feeling of well being.

* INfraR heating elements.
A great advantage of the INfraR heating elements is that they can either be attached to the wall or to the ceiling and when mounted on the ceiling, it means that the warmth is better distributed throughout the room, causing everybody to be equally warm. An added value is that the elements are out of reach of potential vandalism.
Because INfraR heating elements do not warm the air like conventional heaters, but direct their warming rays directly at the person or persons and solid objects in the room, the air quality stays noticeably higher, while the air humidity level is optimized. This leaves the air with the right level of humidity and has therefore added health benefits to asthma patients and people that wear contact lenses.
INfraR heating elements work just like the sun by radiating completely harmless rays of infra red light (infra red means just below red light) which we cannot see, but we feel its effect as warmth. This is a natural phenomena and offers the same benefits as from natural sunlight, it just makes you feel very good and at the same time increases the levels of concentration and energy.
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